Kalvis Zuters

Born 1969 in Jelgava, Kalvis Zuters asks us to discover a still unknown world, which is present only in the mind of the artist.

His characters portray to the viewer soft glances from another place encompassing a technique of gold and silver leaf, which demonstrates the artist's sensitivity and of whom is incomparable to any other.

Abstract or figurative, a simple and invaluable mixture in each of the works, points out an iconic figure from times of old to whom crosses centuries to come to us.

Kalvis encourages the viewer to take his time to understand the message that lies within.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Jelgava, on May 27 th 1969, Kalvis Zuters attended the College
des Arts Appliqués and graduated from the Letonian Académie des Beaux Arts

One man Show :

2004 D’Haudrecy art gallery, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium
1998 ''Melnais Balodis'' art gallery Riga, Latvia

Collective exhibitions :

2005 Alexandra Irygoyen art gallery Madrid, Spain
2004 Castiglione gallery Paris, France
2003 Riga art gallery Riga, Latvia
2002 ‘’Art of Baltic’’R.Savitzky art gallery Nida, Lithuania
2002 Castiglione art gallery Paris, France
2001 ‘’Energy ‘’, Melnais Balodis art gallery Riga, Latvia
2000 International Art Fair ‘’Lineart’’ Gent, Belgium
2000 Second Austrotel Contemporary art Fair Vienna, Austria
2000 ‘’Therese’’ art gallery Oslo, Norway
2000 Gerstev art gallery Atlanta USA
1999 ‘’The wonderful World’’, ‘’Centrs’’ art galleryRiga, Latvia
1999 ‘’The indradynamism’’, ‘’Bastejs ‘’ art gallery Riga, Latvia
1999 ‘’The Family of Zuters’’, Jelgava Museum of art Jelgava, Latvia
1998 ‘’Shambala’’ art gallery Copenhagen, Denmark
1998 ‘’Nothing But the sea’’, ‘’Melnais Balodis’’ art gallery Riga, Latvia
1997 ‘’Painting of the year’’,’’Melnais Balodis’’ art gallery Riga, Latvia
1997 ‘’The Fall 97’’, Arsenals Exhibition Hall Riga, Latvia